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"Please don't cry, Mrs. Moore," consoled loan officer Jackson Tydman, "this is strictly business, but unless you can come up with $400.00 by this Friday, we're going to have to repossess your car, and that's all there is to it!" Sitting in a chair across from Jack's desk, Nancy Moore was fighting to control her emotions, and unfortunately was failing miserably. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to explain to Mr. Tydman that without a car, her husband Joe would lose his job as a traveling salesman. "Believe me when I tell you that I'm sympathetic to your position," Jack went on, "but you're two months behind already, and the bank feels that it would be unfair to our other customers if we let this thing go any longer!" Thinking fast on her feet, Nancy gave it one last shot, "Well, is there someone else I can talk to about this, like your supervisor or something!?!" Jackson Tydman gave her a long steady gaze and then replied slowly, "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to let you speak with Miss Winters, but I don't think it will do any good, she generally agrees with my judgment!" Getting up from behind his desk, Jack excused himself and said he would be right back. He quickly made his way to Blair Winters' office and stuck his head inside and said, "We got us a real hot one, babe, I'm going to send her down in a few minutes, she owes eight C's on their car and her old man needs it for his job as a salesman, I think she would do just about anything to keep from losing that car!" "I've got her good and softened up," he said with wink, "and I think it will only take a little shove to put her over the edge!" Blair Winters nodded to Jack and replied, "Good, give me a few minutes to review her file and then send her in!" Jack turned heal and headed back to his office where he found a more composed Nancy waiting patiently for his return. He slid around to his chair, sat down and offered, "I've talked to Miss "Winters and she will see you in a few minutes, she's very busy but can spare you a minute or two." "Oh thank you, Mr. Tydman," Nancy fairly gushed, "I just know she will give me a little more time!" Jackson Tydman merely nodded his head and leaned back in his chair and waited for Blair to buzz him.

Blair stood up and extended her hand to Nancy Moore and introduced herself, "Please sit down and make yourself comfortable, I'm Blair Winters, V.P. in charge of loans." After they were both seated, Blair glanced through Nancy's file and began, "I'm sorry to say that you are three months behind in your car payment, unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to repossess unless we get at least half payment this week." Nancy realized right away that it would do no good in pleading her case, as Blair Winters seemed even more harsh and rigid than Mr. Tydman. Blair again glanced through the file and continued on, "I also see that you and your husband have your home mortgage with us, as of this moment you are technically not late with your next payment, but you are about to go past the ten day grace period which means that you will be in arrears on both loans, you owe us a great deal of money, and from the looks of things you aren't going to be able to repay it!!!" Nancy again felt the tears welling up in her eyes, and seconds later she was bawling like a baby right in front of Miss Winters. Using that as her key, Blair got up, walked around the desk to where Nancy was sitting and put her arm around the sobbing young woman and gave her a hug and then asked, "Nancy, what would you do to have both of your loans brought back into balance?" "W-what do you mean," asked a confused Nancy?" "I mean," Blair continued on, "if some one shall we say laid $1500.00 dollars right here on the desk, what would you do to get it!?!" Nancy had by now quit crying and for the first time sensed that there might be a way out her problem. Looking into Blair Winters eyes for even a hint of what she had in mind, Nancy slowly answered, "Well, I guess I'd do just about anything, as long as it was legal, you know, not against the law or anything!" "A reasonable answer," Blair replied, "I would never ask you to do anything illegal, but on the other hand, it might be, shall we say sexual in nature!!!" Before Nancy could respond, Blair walked over to a VCR connected to a TV at the far end of the room and offered, "I want you to look at this, and before you say anything, just think about the $1500.00 and how it could solve all of your problems!"

Nancy watched intently as the tape began to roll. Almost at once the screen was filled with images of young people engaging in all sorts of sexual activity, and having seen a few porno flicks with her husband, it was obvious that the actors were amateurs and not professional porn stars! Nancy had to admit that even though their bodies weren't up to the usual high standards you would expect to find in an X rated video, it was extremely erotic to see the "couple next door" making love on camera! Without saying a word Nancy and Blair watched the entire thirty minute tape, and when it was finally over Blair looked her directly in the eye and asked, "Do you think you could make a video like this, and remember, your house and car are on the line!?!" "Who would I make it with," Nancy asked, "I could never ask my husband to do it, he would never go for it!" "Don't worry about that, we will supply your partner," Blair retorted quickly, "now, I have to see your body to see if you measure up, so to speak!" "Right here, and now," Nancy stammered, obviously flustered at the thought of showing Blair her naked body?!? "Right now," Blair replied, "we might as well make sure before we get the ball rolling!" Nancy looked around the room, as if to make sure that they were alone, and then slowly began removing her clothing. Being only twenty three, Nancy had a beautiful build, long blonde hair, 36C chest, a slim waist and hips, with long lean legs, the kind that made your mouth water just looking at them! When she was totally nude, Nancy felt her nipples harden under the direct gaze of the female loan officer. It was embarrassing all right, but Nancy could feel her vagina dampen as Blair circled her, while taking in every square inch of her body. As she checked her out, Blair nodded head and murmured, "Very nice, very nice indeed!" When she again was directly in front of her, Blair, eyeing the two pretty breasts and their hard pink nipples, asked softly, "May I touch them please?!?" Nancy didn't even have to answer, she just took a deep breath that made her chest jut out even farther, a direct invitation that her chest needed some manual attention! Nancy had never had another woman touch her in a sexual way, but it was a revelation to find out that she loved the soft caress of another woman!!! "My god," Blair breathed heavily, "you have such a beautiful chest, and it's so firm, I just have to suck it!" Seconds later, Nancy was experiencing another first, having her erect nipples suckled by an adult woman! Almost involuntarily Nancy took Blair's head into her arms and cradled her to her breast, cooing softly as the older woman nursed at stiff nipples! She was so entranced with the whole experience that she never even heard the door open or Jackson Tydman entering the office!!!

Nancy's head was beginning to spin under the intense sucking and massaging her tits were receiving from Blair Winters. She stared down at her chest and could see a very contented look on Blair's face, the result of having a big nipple stuck in her mouth! Nancy was quickly brought back to her senses when she heard a male voice opine, "Mmmmmm, very nice, very nice indeed, you have a nice tits, Nancy! Nancy's head spun towards the voice and she was again stunned to find a naked Jackson Tydman calmly jerking his big cock while watching his boss suck of the pretty blonde's big tits! "Come on, Blair," Jack begged, "let me have some of that, I'm fucking hard as a rock!!!" Reluctantly Blair let the big nipple slip from her mouth and led Nancy over to Jack where she was pushed to her knees and seconds later had Jack's big pecker in her mouth! She had always loved oral sex, and she hungrily sucked Jack's fat head deep into her mouth. "Oh, god," he moaned, "she's the best I've ever had, I hope she can suck your cunt just as well!!!" While Nancy was sucking on Jack's cock, Blair was busily removing her own clothing until she stood there in just her bra and panties. Jack was watching her strip, and the combination of seeing his boss expose herself, and the expert oral attention Nancy was giving his meat was more than her could take, and with a loud groan he let loose a gusher of cum into the hot little bitch's mouth! Nancy drank it all down, her cunt having turned into a molten cavern of lust! God she needed an orgasm, but these two only seemed bent on getting off themselves! Blair sat down on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide apart and a look on her face that meant only one thing--eat my cunt!!! For the first time, however, Nancy shook her head no and announced, "Look cunt, I don't mind sucking you off, but I want some too, so lay down on the floor so we can sixty nine!!!" Blair let a smile creep across her face, and in a flash she was lying on the floor with her legs spread wide apart. Nancy slowly lowered her pussy onto Blair's mouth and the leaned over and began licking Blair's cunt through her thin panties. Both women were sopping wet and on the very edge of thundering orgasms. Blair bored in on Nancy's clit, while Nancy pulled the black nylon panties aside and probed the hairy cunt with her tongue. In unison, two very hot vaginas contracted hard, sending shock waves of lust through the loins of each woman, as both of their pussies convulsed in massive climaxes!

Unbeknownst to Nancy, the whirring camera on the top shelf of the credenza had caught all of the action on tape! Later that night, clips from her afternoon romp were all over the Internet, the faces of Jack and Blair were blacked out, but hers was not! She was an international star of sorts, not the kind she would have liked to have been, but at least she got her car payments taken care of!!!

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