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As the wheels to the plane touched down, Fred O'Connor reached up to the over head bin and hauled down his one carry on piece of luggage. "Home a day early," he thought to himself, "boy will Sylvia be surprised to see him!" He grabbed a hack in front of the terminal and gave the driver his address in Northbrook, an upper middle class suburb twenty miles north of Chicago's loop. It had been a grueling trip, four cities in three days, and it felt good to be home! The cab stopped in front of his split level, and Fred was in such a good mood he tipped the driver and extra tenner!!! He couldn't wait to get inside and give Sylvia the good news about his trip, big sales to two of his regular customers, and a pretty nice one to a guy he had been working on for over a year! As he strode up the walk to his front door, he was a little bit puzzled that the house was dark, it was only ten p.m., and both cars were in the garage, so she must be at home.

Besides the lights, the next thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the smell, the moment he closed the front door behind him, he detected the aroma of burning incense. He was about to yell out to her, when all at once he recalled that about a month ago he thought he detected the faint smell incense, but Sylvia had just laughed it off and told him that she had spilled some vanilla while cooking, and that must be what he was smelling. He hadn't given it another though until this very moment, but the odor hanging heavy in the air was definitely incense! "Why would she lie about something like that," he thought, while quietly climbing the carpeted stairway?!? The closer he got to the spare bedroom at the end of the hall the stronger the aroma got, and from the partially open door he could see a very dim light being cast by what seemed to be that of a candle. He silently pushed the door slightly more ajar, and as his eyes accustomed themselves to the candle light, he almost fainted from what he was seeing!!! There on the bed spread eagle, with her hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed frame, was his beautiful blonde wife of five years, lying naked before a huge black man, who from what Fred could see, was completely naked as well!!!

Appalled yet totally mesmerized, Fred watched in utter disbelief as Sylvia writhed around on the bed, while begging for her lover to fuck her!!! In their own private sex life, Sylvia never used dirty language of any kind, but here, with this black stranger, she was begging him to fuck her in the most vile language he had ever heard outside of a locker room!!! Fred could see Sylvia's blonde haired pussy gaping wide open, obviously in a state of high sexual excitement, but what really stunned him, however, was when the black man turned partly sideways, and Fred got his first look at the pecker of this intruder!!! "My, god," he whispered out loud, "it must be ten inches long!!!" As he was to find out, that estimate wasn't far wrong!!! His wife, by now was in a state of high sexual frenzy, bucked her hips up, lewdly displaying her pussy for her lover to see while begging, "Please, master, fuck me now, I need it so badly!!!" Without so much as a word, the black giant slid onto the bed and guided his erection into Sylvia's tight bulging cunt while a low guttural growl that turned into and out right scream escaped her lips as each inch disappeared into her love tunnel!!! When about eight inches was securely buried inside of her, Sylvia's vagina shuddered several times, and then spasmed hard in orgasm around the thick cudgel that filled her void!!! Fred just stood there in wide eyed wonder as his wife was reamed out by the incredible love rod being wielded by her black master!!! Even more incredible, Fred's own six incher was now as hard as a piece of blue steel in his trousers! Lost in his own thoughts, Fred never even noticed when like a flash, the big black man leaped off of his wife and pulled open the door, where he stood towering over the still crouched over Fred!

A terrified Fred didn't make a move, until a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and wrenched him to his feet! "Who are you spying on, you little puke," spat the black master!?! In a small weak voice, Fred tried to take the offense by asking, "What are you doing in my house, I want you out right now!?!" The black giant just stared a Fred for a second, and then turning to Sylvia asked, "You're married to this!?!" Sylvia, still tied to the bed, not even looking slightly embarrassed, replied softly, "Yes, that's Fred, he's my husband." The black man looked back to Fred, laughed and said, "Well, Freddie, welcome to the party as he dragged Fred like he was a rag doll and then flung him onto the bed with his wife and ordered, "Take off your clothes!" Defiantly Fred replied, "No chance, now get out here before I call the police!!!" A second later, Fred was stunned as the back of the master's hand connected hard with the side of his face, causing him to momentarily lose consciousness! "Now get undressed unless you want some more," he said evenly!!! Still a little shaken from the shot to the face, Fred removed his clothing until he was stark naked. "Hey Syl, look at this will ya," the master said laughingly, "I think he liked out little performance!!!" In utter shame Fred bowed his head, unable to hide his erection from the taunting black giant! Staring down at the two white slaves, the master thought for a few minutes on what to do with them, until a wide grin spread across his face, he had just the plan for this short dicked little pecker head, and he was sure he wasn't going to like it one little bit!!!

Grabbing Fred by the hair, the master pulled him roughly to the edge of the bed until his face was only inches from the now low hanging piece of black meat that only moments before had been buried deep in his wife's pussy! In a hard caustic voice the master asked Fred, "Your white bitch just loves sucking this black pecker, I think you're gonna make a nice bitch too, so suck it, and do a good job or I'll have to beat you again, got it!?!" Tears began welling up in his eyes, he had never in his whole life suffered such humiliation!!! Right here in front of his naked wife he was going to have to suck on a huge black pecker!!! Knowing that if he didn't comply he would be severely beaten, Fred leaned forward and took the head into his mouth and with uncertain strokes began licking it! The master looked over to Sylvia and opined, "You're bitch has a nice mouth, almost as good as yours!!!" If you could have seen his face, Fred's cheeks were turning a bright red from the embarrassment of it all, but much to his consternation, he felt his own pecker begin to stiffen even more as he tongued the huge black member!!! The master reached down and gave it a little squeeze and announced to Sylvia, "I think we have a natural born cocksucker here, we should change his name to Frederika!!!" Sylvia was watching in utter fascination as her husband orally satisfied her master, and strangely enough she felt happy for him, because she knew the wonderful pleasure that could be derrived by such an honor!!!

Fred sucked on the huge pole for another ten minutes or so, until the master ordered him to stop and mount his wife. Sylvia, still spread wide open, moaned softly as her husband entered her dripping pussy, and while Fred began stroking in and out of her blonde muffy, he was completely unaware of what was happening behind him! The black master had squeezed a squirt of oil into his hand and was in the process of lubricating his pecker, and not until Fred felt the head pushing against his tight bung hole did he realize that he was going to get his ass fucked!!! "No, please no," he begged, but it was no use, the black giant was just too big and powerful for him to fight off, and with a hard lunge, Fred's virgin asshole was taken by the ten inch black satisfier! At first the pain was brutal, and Fred sensed that he was being torn apart. Knowing that to resist was futile, Fred tried to relax his muscles to allow easier entry by the invading black shaft, and much to his surprise, the more he relaxed, the more turned on he became!!! Here he was, fucking his wife's pussy, while his own asshole was being shafted by his black master!!! Sylvia too realized the gravity of the situation, that her husband was now a fuck doll for her black master, and that she was sure that both of them would from now on be willing submissives before the huge black pecker that was in need constant attention! Fred and his master were now stroking in tandem, and both of their peckers were on the verge of orgasm! Fred had heard his wife beg to be fucked many times in the past, but now, it was unbelievable but true, that both he and Sylvia were begging to be fucked harder, she by him, and he by their black master!!! It was amazing, the sexual organs of all three participants had completely taken over the will of their owners!!! None of them, no matter how hard they tried could have stopped the rock that was now rolling down the hill!!! The two peckers stiffened at the exact same moment, and a virgin asshole and a well fucked cunt were quickly pumped full of hot jism!!! All three of them strained to get every last bit of pleasure from the ebbing orgasm, and when it was finally over, they all collapsed in a heap on top of Sylvia!!!

"So this is how you spend your time when I'm away," teased Fred to Sylvia!?! She didn't answer, because she couldn't, the huge black cock was now back in her mouth, and a look of contentment spread across her beautiful face. Fred too felt a calmness come over him, as he knew that from now on, he would also be a slave to the thick black erection that had just fucked his ass!!!

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