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"Ace Security, Dan speaking, how may I help you, please!" "Hi," the feminine voice on the other end of the line answered, "My husband and I would like a security system installed in our home as quickly as possible, last night there was a prowler in our neighborhood, and we are pretty shook up about it, do you think you could come out today?!?" Her voice dripped with desperation, so Dan made an appointment to meet Mrs. Fortune later that afternoon. The address she gave was in a fairly new subdivision, but it was on the outskirts of town and a little isolated, so Dan could understand how someone could feel threatened in such a situation. As Dan's van rolled down the Fortune's street, he noted that all of the houses were new, and like most new developments there was a shortage of trees and sidewalks. Owning his own company, Dan was always on the lookout for new business, and if he could make a sale to the Fortunes, he had a great shot a picking up other homes in the area! He pulled in the driveway, and before he had even turned off the engine, Mrs. Fortune opened the front door and walked towards his truck and said, "I'm so glad you could make it," while extending her hand, "I'm Miranda Fortune, come on in and let's get started!"

As she walked ahead of him, Dan couldn't help but think how lucky Mr. Fortune was, because his young wife was a knockout!!! Slim with big tits, long lean legs, and a pageboy hair style in strawberry blonde! "Christ," he thought to himself, "she could be a fucking centerfold!" After showing him around the place, Miranda and Dan settled down at the kitchen table to discuss the system he had in mind. Before he got into the details, Dan asked it maybe her husband should be present to make suggestions or ask questions about the installation. "Oh, no," Mrs. Fortune replied, "my husband is a minister, and he leaves all of this kind of thing to me, he is much to busy at church to be bothered with the running of the household!!!" Dan stared at her for a second, thinking to himself that never in his thirty seven years had he ever seen a pastor's wife that looked anything like Miranda Fortune! Dan quickly came back to reality and proceeded to go over the details of the system he thought would take care of protecting their home. Miranda listened intently, asking pertinent questions, and taking an interest in every detail from cost to installation procedures. When he was finished with his presentation, Miranda Fortune asked, "How soon can you install it?" "I can move my schedule around and start it tomorrow," he replied quickly, "is that too soon!?!" "On the contrary," she answered quickly,, "that would be just great, about eight o'clock shall we say? Back at the office Dan was assembling all the gear and hardware he'd need for tomorrow's job, but his mind wasn't really on security systems, it was on the fantastic body of Miranda Fortune, and although the plans didn't call for it, Dan threw in micro video camera into his parts box!

By three o'clock the next afternoon, Dan had all of the windows and doors hard wired, as well as a state of the art motion detector that was hooked up to an out side light. Miranda had spent much of the day watching him work and generally just keeping him company, but just a few minutes ago she got a phone call from a girl friend and plopped down on the couch and started to chat away. This was his chance, he leaned around the corner and announced, "I'm going upstairs to make one final check, I'll just be a few minutes," and after giving him a fast look and a nod, she went back to her conversation, while not giving him a second thought! Dan fairly bounded up the stairs, but instead of checking the upstairs entry points, he went straight to the master bedroom where he opened up a wall vent that was next to the ceiling and quick as a flash installed the micro camera and microphone and directed them straight at the king size bed on the other side of the room! Before he replaced the metal grill, he pulled out a small receiver and turned it on, "Perfect, "he thought, because on the two inch screen he held in his hand, was a color picture of half of the room, the bed included! Dan walked over to the bed and checked to make sure that the focus was okay, and when he was satisfied, he replaced the grill face and went back down stairs. Miranda was still on the phone, but she hung up just as he was putting his tools away and asked, "All finished!?!" "Yep," he replied, "I think we've got you covered!!! Back in the truck, Dan tuned on a video monitor and waited a few seconds for it to warm up, when the picture came into focus, there was a perfect view of Miranda Fortune's bed!!! Dan started the van, pulled away from the Fortune house and said out loud, "This is gonna be better than HBO!!!

That evening at dinner Dan said to his wife Beth, "I've got a surprise for you tonight!!!" Right away Beth's dark eyes flashed in recognition and she asked excitedly, "Is it anyone I've seen before!?!" Shaking his head from side to side Dan replied, "Nope, brand new today, I haven't seen him, but she's a real knockout!" Jumping up from the table, Beth grabbed Dan by the arm, pulled him towards the bedroom, and begged, "Let's check it out now, I can't wait!!!" Once in the bedroom, Dan flicked on the television and pushed the button that brought up the closed circuit picture of the Fortune's bedroom. Just as he had expected, no one was in the bedroom at this time of the evening, and he was just about to say so when out of the bathroom came Miranda Fortune, dressed in only her bra and panties! "My god," Dan breathed, "she's fantastic, look at those boobs!!!" Beth was staring at the images coming onto the screen, and she got her own shock when Reverend Fortune followed Miranda out of the bathroom, wearing only his birthday suit, and his cock sticking straight up in the air! "Mmmmmm, he's hung really nice," offered Beth softly, "I wonder if she's going to fuck him!?!" A few seconds later she got her answer, and instead of fucking her, Miranda Fortune was on her knees sucking her husband big fat cock!!! Dan turned up the volume on the sound, and with the hyper sensitive mike he had installed, you could hear the slurping sounds emanating from Miranda's mouth! By now Beth had removed her clothing and had settled back on the pillow with her right hand playing with her pussy, as this was what she loved the most, masturbating while watching strangers fuck! A deep moan escaped from Reverend Fortune's throat, and in what was not exactly polite speech, he begged his wife to suck him off and swallow his cum! Seconds later, Miranda's mouth moved faster up and down the thick shaft until her mouth was being flooded with her husbands goo!!! "Jesus Randi," he groaned, "you do that better than anyone I've ever had!!!" Standing up, her mouth still full of his cum, Miranda gave her husband a deep kiss, letting his jism run into his own mouth! When they finally broke away, she whispered into his ear, "Fuck me now, I've been a bad girl, and only your cock can make do penance!!!"

Miranda slipped off her panties and lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide and begged, "Fuck me, teach this bad girl a lesson!!!" Reverend Fortune slid between his wife's thighs and guided his pecker to the dripping opening of her slit, rubbing it up and down its length, driving her crazy with desire! "How bad have you been, slut," he asked harshly, "has your pussy been bad today!?!" Miranda was now almost hyperventilating, and she fairly babbled, "Jesus fucking christ, fuck me, make me pay for my sins, please, do it now!!!" Looking down at his beautiful wife, and seeing the swell of her bra encased chest, made his dick throb with anticipation, but he continued to tease her a little longer, knowing her orgasm would be heightened even more by his tardiness! Now growing more desperate, Miranda reached down and tried to force her husband's dick into her pussy, but it was a hopeless gesture, because he just kept pulling back so she couldn't get a good grip on his shaft! Finally when she couldn't stand it for even another second, the big cock lurched forward and into Miranda's over heated box!!! She let out a scream that Dan and Beth were sure could be heard by the neighbors, but that hardly stopped her, as she wailed loudly that she needed a good fuck to be granted absolution!!! Hearing his slut wife swearing and begging to be fucked, Reverend Fortune slammed his meat in and out of the quivering little cunt, until both of them shot their respective loads together!!! While the Fortune's were having their climax, Dan dropped his head between Beth's legs and tongued her to a smashing cum of her own! Beth was an unbelievably sexual woman, and the one thing she loved more than anything else was getting her clit slurped to orgasm! When she had calmed down, she kissed Dan deeply and then said, "Thanks for the surprise, it was the best!!!

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