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"Oh, mama, I can't believe this day has finally arrived," gushed Pamela Sherman, "can you believe it, Steve and I are getting married!!!" Victoria Sherman held her daughter at arms length, and at the same time marveled at how happy and excited her daughter was, on this the day of her wedding!!! "Yes, dear," her mother replied, "it is very exciting, and I hope that you and Steven will be very happy together!!!" The two women were packing Pamela's wardrobe for her honey moon to the Bahamas, so they were including extra bathing suits, shorts and tee shirts for the warm weather they were sure to encounter there! "What about lingerie," Pamela asked, "do you think I should take anything special?!?" "Well, dear," her mother answered, "it never hurts to have a few exciting unmentionables along, but with your body, I'm sure that a skimpy bra and panties set would do just fine, like these, why don't you try them on and I'll tell you what I think?!?"

"I bought these about a year ago," Pamela said while taking off her clothes, "they're pretty revealing aren't they!?!" "Well that's exactly what you need on your honeymoon, dear, after all, you want to keep Steven happy," Victoria answered seriously!!! "Oh, mother," Pamela admonished, "don't worry about Steve, he takes care of me just fine!!!" Taking her naked daughter by the shoulders, Victoria Sherman said, "Now you listen to me Pamela, you can't fool me for a second because you and I are just alike, it's very important that Steven takes care of you properly!!!" "I know you're concerned about me, mom," Pam replied softly, "and don't think I don't appreciate it, ever since your little talk with Steve he's been the most attentive man you can imagine!!!" "Well that's something," her mother replied, "but just because he has a huge cock doesn't mean he'll always be there for you, honey, and that's why it's important that you really try to keep him interested!!!" "May I ask you a personal question," her mother queried? "Sure," Pamela replied, "shoot!!!" "When was the last time he took care of you, I mean sexually," Victoria asked!?! "Last night," was her daughter's quick reply!!! "Did he really take care of you, though," she persisted?!? "Well," Pamela replied, "if you must know, I sucked him to completion and then he fucked me from behind until we both came together!!!"

"Good, I'm glad," Victoria opined, "but look at your nipples, they're hard as a rock just from our little conversation, and moreover, I can see dampness along the length of your vaginal opening, I can tell that right now you are extremely aroused, am I correct or not!?!" A flushed look came over her daughter's face and she replied in a halting voice, "Y-yes, I am very hot, but why did you ask me those things when you knew it would turn me on so!?!" "I'll tell you why, dear," she replied, "because this is the way it always will be for you, that just the mere thought of last night's encounter with Steven, or fantasizing about someone you met on the street will drive your vagina to the very brink of orgasm and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!!!" "Your need for Steven's thickness deep inside of you will sometimes drive you out of your mind with lust, and unfortunately you will be totally at his mercy!!!" "M-mama," Pamela panted, "c-can you help me, I don't think I can make it until after the wedding, i-it's to far away, still five hours!?!" Her mother shook her head and replied softly, "Pamela, Pamela, Pamela, you couldn't last five minutes let alone five hours, come here and let me help you!!!"

To help calm the nerves of her very aroused daughter, Victoria Sherman opened the front of her blouse, unclasped her bra, and carefully fed one of her large nipples into Pamela's hungry mouth!!! "Is that better, baby," Victoria cooed to her excited daughter, "let mama nurse her little girl for awhile until she feels all better, okay?!?" "Mmmmmm," Pamela hummed while sucking on her mother's large distended nipple, "you taste so good, and it's such been a long time!!!" "Mother," Pamela asked after letting the nipple slip from her mouth, "I'm very turned on right now, and all from just talking about sex, why didn't you get excited too?!?" Her mother leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and replied softly, "Because just before I came over, I sucked off your father and then had him fuck me until I was cumming all over the bed, call it a necessary precaution, and that my dear is what you're going to have to do from now on!!!" "What's that," Pamela asked!?! "Take advanced precautions," her mother replied, "when you know that you're going to be out for a long while, make sure that Steven takes good care of you before you leave the house, it can save you a lot of embarrassment!!!" "I-I see your point," she whispered, "if you weren't here right now to help me, I might have gone out of my mind!!!"

"Mother," Pamela went on, "do you know what I wish?!?" "Tell me, dear," she replied!!! "I wish that Steve was here so that I could suck his cock, I really miss it!!!" "He does have a lovely erection," Victoria said with a sigh, "and not only is he long, but he's so thick too, it must feel absolutely incredible when he puts it into your vagina!!! "Oh, mother," she moaned, "h-he just fills me to the brim, and sometimes he teases me by putting it in all of the way and then just staying motionless, you know, not even moving a muscle!!!" "Then I beg him to fuck me hard, but he just laughs and says for me to fuck myself, oh god, mother, I just lay there while being impaled by this incredible erection, and I'm trying desperately to move around a bit, but it's packed in so tightly I can even move and inch!!!" "O-oh, dear," Victoria says between gasps, "I need it as badly as you do, w-what does he do next!?!" "Oh fuck, I'm hot," Pamela moaned loudly, "t-then he makes me beg him to fuck me, I can't help it, but when he does that, I sound like a such a slut, and I can't do anything about it, I just lie there and beg to him like a cheap whore!!!" "I-I hate them when they do those things to us," her mother panted, "they know we can't help it, but they make us beg for it anyway!!!" "Sometimes I get the last laugh though," Pamela whispered, "he's so big and thick, and even though I can't move much, my pussy grips and ungrips his cock, and out of the blue, an orgasm you can't believe just wastes me then and there!!!" "You know why that happens don't you," her mother panted, "it's because he's so big and thick, his penis just dominates you until it induces and orgasm out of you without your even trying!!!" "Does daddy ever do that to you," Pamela asked?!?

"Its even worse than that," Victoria said with a slight moan, "h-he ties me to the bed posts with my legs spread wide apart, and then, oh god, it's just exciting thinking about it, he enters me and inch at a time, until finally he's all the way in, and then, he just leaves it in me, while he takes his tongue and barely flicks it over the very tip of my nipples!!!" "Oh, mother," Pamela gasps, "h-how long does he make you wait!?!" "Sometimes for almost and hour," comes her reply!!! "An hour," Pamela moans loudly, "they're so mean to us, because they know were helpless and need their cocks so badly, but when they finally start ramming it in and out, I cum over and over again, and then I'm so glad he made me wait!!!" "Oh, yes," Victoria said while drool ran out of the corner of her mouth, "I always orgasm on the first stroke, and usually have at least three or four more before I'm finished!!!" "M-mother," Pamela gasped loudly, "I-I'm cumming right now, my pussy is convulsing like it had a cock inside of it!!!" "Oh, baby," her mother responded in a raspy voice, "I'm right with you, I-I'm cummmmmmmmming toooooooo!!!

"Mother," Pamela asked softly, "thank you for a lovely wedding gift!!!" "You're welcome baby, "You're welcome!!!"

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